Use of command (ls)

Use of command ls

The Linux operating system used for the PARTICLE DAQ system can be used in terminal mode where you type commands, or in the Windows Explorer-style graphical user interface (GUI).


2. use of (-l) command

the (-l ) command use for long listing format


3. use of (-a) command

the (-a) command use for do not ignor entries with . how we write commands (ls –a * press enter)


4. Use of (ls ..) command

The command (ls ..) this command use for showing the user we add

How we write this command (ls .. * press enter ) example

5. use of (-A) command

We use (-A) command showing the directory and do not implied (.) (..)


6. use of (-la ) commands

This command use for list the directory and also do not ignor the (. ) entries this

Combination of (-l) (-a) command (ls –la * press enter)Example

7. use of (-las) command

This command basically use for To list all files and sort them by size, use the (–s) option. By default, it displays output in descending order (biggest to smallest in size).

How we write this commands (ls –las* press enter )


use of (-lash) command

This command use for You can output the file sizes in human-readable format by adding the (-h )option as shown. This command tell the size of directory/file



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