Fosnix is ​​a young and more efficient Technology solution that specializes in the Open Source Platform that covers multiple Linux OS terms. The purpose of our organization is to become a professional and a expert in the open source industry. Our website today offers recommendations and solutions to a dynamic community of IT Engineers based on their daily questions and challenges. We firmly believe that the comfort of managing an open source system effectively is the key to promoting the use of the open source platform and making positive change in the world around you. Simplicity and efficiency are central to the success of Open Source systems and at Fosnix we are committed to supporting challenges like these Developers globally and thus bringing about global change in the Open Source industry. Going forward, this may be the right time to launch our various services that can help our students and clients. We would like to add our technical expertise in this field to achieve your goals easily. We guarantee our clients the highest quality of services. We also provide technical support by our qualified team.

Our Linux Services

Web Server
  • Installation of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)
  • Installation of LLMP (Linux, Lighttd, MySQL and PHP)
  • Installation of LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL and PHP)
  • Setting Up Websites, Customization and Optimization
  • Creating SSL Certificates for Apache/Nginx/Lighttpd
Web Server
Database Server
  • Installation and Configuration of MySQL/MariaDB Database
  • Importing/Exporting of Databases
  • Replication of Databases
  • Migration of Databases
  • Performance Tuning and Security Enhancement of Database
  • Automatic Backups of Databases
Database Server
OS Installation
  • Ubuntu, Fedora & Linux Mint Installation
  • RHEL 7, Debian & CentOS 7 Installation
OS Installation
DNS Server
  • DNS Setup including Master/Slave
  • DNS Server Security
  • Management of DNS Zones
DNS Server
Mail Server – Exim, Sendmail, Qmail and Postfix
  • Installation and Configuration of Mail Server
  • Installation of Web mail Applications like Squirrelmail or Roundcube
  • Installation and Configuration of Spam and Antivirus Tools
  • Integration of Web Based Tool Manage mail Users
  • Setting Up MX, SPF, DPKG Records for Domain
  • Testing incoming and outgoing Mails
  • Mail Integration with MySQL/MariaDB engine
Mail Server
Linux Monitoring – Nagios
  • Installation and configuration of Nagios Monitoring Server
  • Adding Linux/Windows/Printers/Devices to Nagios Server
  • Email Alert Notification Integration
Linus Monitoring
Linux Security
  • OS / Packages / Kernel Patch updates
  • Disable/Remove unwanted services
  • System Auditing and Vulnerability Scanning
  • Firewall Integration
Linux Security
Other Linux Services
  • Squid/Proxy Setup with ACL Support
  • Samba Integration
  • NFS Server/Client Setup
  • FTP Setup with User Management
  • Any custom requirements of Users
Linux Services