How To Install SuiteCRM

How To Install SuiteCRM

Machine :- Centos7/RHEL7


About :- SuiteCRM is SugarCRM, Supercharged! SuiteCRM is an open source fork for SugarCRM Community Edition. This release includes a host of additional open source module, as well as standard features and functionality available within the CSCRM CE.

Installing SuiteCRM:

Step 1: Update Yum Repo

$ sudo yum -y update

Step 2 : To install Apache web server run the following command

# sudo yum -y install httpd

Step 3 : Apache web server start and enable

# sudo systemctl start httpd 
# sudo systemctl enable httpd

Step 4 : EPEL repository is required before we install Webtatic repository

# sudo yum -y install epel-release
# sudo  yum -y update
# sudo  yum clean all

Step 5 :Now install Webtatic repository

# rpm -Uvh
 # sudo yum -y update

Step 6 : Install PHP 7.0 And All The Required PHP Modules​

# sudo yum -y install php70w php70w-mysql php70w-xml php70w-json php70w-gd php70w-mbstring php70w-zip php70w-imap php70w-pcre php70w-zlib php70w-curl
Step 7: Edit the php.ini configuration
# sudo vi /etc/php.ini

find the following lines and change it.

memory_limit = 128M

upload_max_filesize = 2M

upload_max_filesize = 20M

Restart Apache web server using the following command.


# sudo systemctl restart httpd
Step 8: Now install MariaDB database server.
# sudo yum -y install mariadb mariadb-server
Step 9: Start MariaDB and enable it
# sudo systemctl start mariadb 
# sudo systemctl enable mariadb
Step 10: Now, secure your MariaDB installation
# sudo mysql_secure_installation
firstly enter then create the password.
Step 11: To create a database we will need to login to MySQL
# sudo mysql -u root -
# sudo CREATE DATABASE suitecrmdata;
# sudo CREATE USER 'suitecrmuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'StrongPassword';
# sudo GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON suitecrmdata.* TO 'suitecrmuser'@'localhost';
# exit 
Step 12 : Download the SuiteCRM .
# sudo cd /opt 
# sudo wget
Step 13 : Install Unzip package and then, Extract the file SuiteCRM
# sudo yum -y install unzip.
# sudo unzip
Step 14 : Move all the files to the web root directory of Apache web server
# sudo mv SuiteCRM-7.7.8/* /var/www/html
# sudo  cd /var/www/html
Step 15 : Change the ownership of the files to the Apache web server
# sudo chown -R apache:apache /var/www/html
Step 16 : Now you can go to your favorite browser

Click the next step continue.

the hostname localhost and the username and password of the database user.

Identify administration user, provide the admin username password. Choose a URL for your SuiteCRM instance and your email address.

SuiteCRM installation is now finished!!!!


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